10 Best And Most Affordable Kitchen Cabinet Manufacturers

If you are planning to perform an upgrade or remodel your kitchen, then more likely you are looking to have so many expenses. This is a natural fact that you must know about. Apart from reading your cards and cash, you must also plan for your kitchen cabinets’ design.

Kitchen cabinets are going to consume about 40% of your remodeling budget. So you may want to choose the best spend so you need not purchase another set after a couple of months. You may want to invest in really good quality items, better yet, find the best kitchen cabinets for your home. Here, we have listed some kitchen cabinet manufacturers that you may want to check as a reference. This is not a review and the form is not on any priority list.

Cabinet Makers List 1

  1. All Wood Cabinetry is the company that offers most plywood core cabinets both for the bathroom and kitchen. But their name does not limit their compositions to just wood items.  They are also offering MDF cabinets too. Their designs are mostly traditional and classy wood kitchen cabinets so if you are looking for Euro or French designs you may want to look around.cabinet manufacturer
  2. Aran is, if not one, then the best kitchen cabinet makers’ supplier of top-of-the-line Italian kitchen cabinets in the US.
  3. Artistic Cabinetry creates a wide variety of not just country and traditional but also modern kitchen cabinets since 1975. The store is based in Smithtown, NY led by Alex Pfitzer.
  4. Canyon Creek Cabinet Company. The company began producing affordable kitchen cabinets in 1981 with its mission of reconciling both affordability and customization. This kitchen cabinet manufacturer in Monroe, WA aims to give their customers discount kitchen cabinets with framed or frameless style depending on their preference.
  5. IKEA. The all-around shop also caters to producing high-style yet, cheap kitchen cabinets for their customers. They have different distributors where one of the reported sources is Snaidero while the primary manufacturer is still unknown.

Cabinet Makers List 2

  1. InnerMost Cabinets is the subsidiary of Elkay and is famous for stainless sinks. The company is found at the Home Depot and creates frameless cabinet construction for all purposes, you can even get discounts on their products, just browse the internet for some coupons.cabinet maker
  2. Kraftmaid is one, or if not, the largest kitchen cabinet manufacturers. You can see their items almost everywhere, whether at Lowe’s or Home Depot (stock cabinets) and even at kitchen design companies (custom cabinets).
  3. Masco is a widely known brand that produces not just kitchen cabinets but also non-cabinet-related items through their owned companies such as Behr, Duraflex, Milgard, Arrow, and Cambrian. Their production made them associated with different companies such as Merillat, Quality Cabinets, and Kraftmaid.
  4. Merillat is the biggest competitor of Kraftmaid when it comes to kitchen cabinet production. You can certainly check Merillat’s different impressively designed items through different means – online or offline. Merillat, just like Kraftmaid and Mill’s Pride is owned by a single company – Masco.
  5. Porcelanosa is almost an all-around shop having to produce not just kitchen cabinets but also tiles and bathroom items. When it comes to the kitchen, they do best in creating European-inspired cabinetries. Having showrooms and shops all around the globe, Porcelanosa continues making different styles including traditional and contemporary designs.