Built In Cabinets: The Pleasure Of The New Kitchen

Built in cabinets and cupboards are important parts of every kitchen area. There are factors why we need to consider them. First, you have to ensure that you get to have ample storage for your kitchen items – and cupboards or pre built cabinets can do that. Second, these kitchen cabinets provide a beautiful design and accent to your kitchen. Pantry cabinets and wall cabinets provide great significance in maintaining the style you’ve set your kitchen on. Today, we’ll know more about the trend of kitchen cabinetry like built bar cabinets and built in wall cabinets.

Formal Built in Cabinets

Yes, you read it right. The trend is now setting foot on making every kitchen with the executive feel. This means the material is becoming more favorable to darker colors which are more formal looking than any fancy pastels.

The formality of built in cabinet ideas made them an ideal epitome of an open-planned kitchen. It goes the other way around too. The kitchens are now more together with more rooms in the house like the dining or family room as this gives the family members more spacious areas to enjoy. This is the reason why free-standing kitchen cabinets made swept the market like a hurricane.

Instead of the regular, today, custom built in cabinets adjusts to the latest styles, colors, and finishes.  The different looks give a unique identification for every kitchen. It also shows the creativity of the owner, not to mention the strong contrasting color design to match the variation.

Kitchen Cabinets, the Natural Style

built in cabinetsTo create a new set of variations, another style that gives a unique identity is the rise of the natural-looking kitchen. Country style offers this kind of look but others also play around redesigning their kitchen cabinetry. The good part of a natural-looking cabinet is that you no longer need to paint or stain the wood. All you need to do is make it look as normal and authentic as possible, meaning a clear coat could do the job.

Remember how we want to use every area to save space for movement? Stacked cabinets are a popular choice for maximizing spaces. These small cabinets are vertical and safely store items and stocks.

Custom cabinets are the choice of most home decision-makers. The reason is that you get to choose the material and look you want according to your preference. But what style are you following? Numerous styles are emerging in the market but the traditional style is still popular. This style involves materials like oak. Styles vary and the most popular cabinets are the Southwestern, Modern, and Victorian. Southwestern uses warm orange and desert-tan colors while Victorian uses darker tones and woods for their designs. Modern of course has more edgy and contrasting colors.

Some Favorite Styles of Kitchen Cabinetry

The traditional style is often still the most popular style of kitchen cabinetry, but there are also several other popular styles such as country, southwestern, Victorian, and Modern. The traditional kitchen cabinets are generally in oak with dark tones. The country look is more rustic with weathered earth tones. Southwestern is characterized by desert-tan and warm orange colors with a touch of blue or green. Kitchen cabinets in the Victorian kitchen are in dark woods and the modern kitchen changes.

We have discussed the rise of the open-planned kitchen. This concept affects the style of our kitchen cabinetry as you have to always make sure they complement the rest of the pieces of furniture from other rooms. This means your custom built in cabinets have to have legs or moldings to better match the rest.

built in cabinetYour choice of cabinets can now be considered as another art form of expression. If you incorporate your kitchen area into other rooms then it is best advised to make sure that you have everything complimentary. The rise of glass cabinet doors can be a very good option as it matches almost anything. This also enables you to display items that are rare and precious for others to see. You get to display and keep them safe altogether.

Just remember that when you are choosing your cabinet set, that functionality should never be disregarded. You can always choose from hundreds or even thousands of designs but the decorative aspect has to always be the second factor to consider. Now in case you have chosen the best style to suit you and your family’s needs, then it’s time for you to mix and match and use that creative mind to set what you want to see in the comfort of your own home.