Bamboo Cabinets: Modern Look And An Inexpensive Solution

One of the fastest-growing plants is bamboos and today, bamboos are also making their speedy way in leading contemporary kitchen cabinets. Though bamboo cabinets are not so popular as other materials, still their authenticity and their durability have been a good trademark. And that makes them an ideal kitchen cabinets design. Honestly, common kitchen cabinet manufacturers do not offer much of these cabinets. That’s why it might be a challenge to find bamboo kitchen cabinets online. Here we will discuss some of the manufacturers that offer modern kitchen cabinets including bamboo materials. We will also do a brief explanation of why this material has been making its name in the wood kitchen cabinets industry.

  1. What’s with Bamboo Cabinets?

For over a decade, bamboo impressed millions, making them ideal for floorings. But does that mean they are good enough to match kitchen cabinet doors? Bamboo is a type of grass meaning they are not part of the deforestation problem. They also have a very beautiful design making simple clear coats sufficient enough to please viewers and end users aesthetically.

  1. Is Natural Finish innate with bamboos?

Yes, bamboo has a natural look that needs no fancy polishing. This makes them out-stand others as they only need clear coats to make them ready to rock. You can also find dark-stained bamboo finishes that make a difference in the kitchen look.

  1. Are all items made solely from Bamboo?

Well, this depends. It varies depending on the item you are looking at. For kitchen cabinet doors, kitchen storage cabinets, and panels, yes, they are usually bamboo ply, but the inner part like the boxes is plywood to support the possible weight of stored items. They are created together so you get to have a higher quality yet inexpensive kitchen cabinets.
bamboo cabinets

  1. What are the available sizes of Bamboo Cabinets?

Sizes are not as wide as the variety of other wholesale kitchen cabinets as the demand seems to be not that enormous. Mr. Bamboo is one of the leading suppliers and they offer about 7 upper wall cabinets, 9 base cabinets a wall oven cabinet, and about two pantries to choose from. Specification for the largest base cabinet is 36″W x 34-1/2″H x 24″D while for the cabinet is 36″W x 42″H x 12″D.

  1. Are we just limited to specific Styles?

There are two basic styles that you can choose from when it comes to bamboo cabinets: slab-door and Shaker-style. Slab doors refer mainly to bamboo plywood meaning you may not place any bevel or raised panels on it. Shaker-style bamboo cabinets are a plow picture frame look for the Grasswood cabinets. Only they and some other distributors offer the style, but it makes a remarkable output and total finish.

  1. Where to Find Bamboo cabinets?

Like what was mentioned earlier, not at every store can will you find these styles and so we have listed the following distributors that may help you with your search.

  • Eco Cabinets are one of the leading as they almost have every bamboo style on their list. Their website offers a wonderful presentation inclusive of pictures and descriptions.
  • caters to CA buyers alone and has not yet allowed online ordering services outside the perimeter.
  • RTA Kitchen Cabinets offers ready to assemble cabinets with the EcoCabinets. You can find the RTA Cabinet Store profile for more details and be sure to check the 8 styles and cabinet varieties.
  • Kithcen Cabinet Discounts LLC offers bamboo cabinets but does not have clear pictures and descriptions on the site. Also, they do not allow online orders.
  • Mr.Bamboo provides one of the best selections for their customers together with their continuous production and improvement on designs. However, the site does not provide too much information about the products.
  • Grasswood Cabinets is a website that provides the best information about items and displays but they do not yet allow orders directly from their site.
  • Green Tech Cabinetry does not offer online orders yet but provides a wonderful list and display retailers for their bamboo collections. The retailer’s list is not yet present on the website.

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