Kitchen and Bathroom Cabinets: Bamboo Edition FAQs

Bamboo cabinetry currently holds a minor segment in the kitchen and bath cabinet industry. Despite that, it is gradually flourishing. In this article, we’ll outline the basics that you will have to remember about cabinets as well as a list of companies with these products on hand. But if you want to order a shoe cabinet or wall cabinet online, it will be difficult as cabinet manufacturers often provide vague or incomplete information about bamboo products in their websites. Listed below in the “Where Can I Buy” section are a few websites that we found quite useful.

  1. Why buy bamboo cabinets?

Bamboo is one of the most popular materials used in furniture-making for the past decade. Even so, we only see it used as flooring. But can we use it for cabinets as well?

Definitely, yes! Most buyers perceive bamboo to be a more environmentally friendly material than the other options present in the market. Since bamboo is a type of grass, this material does not involve deforestation. However, there have been issues about using bamboos including clearing out forest to have more space for bamboo to grow; political issues since most bamboo come from China and lastly, the use of formaldehyde in the production of bamboo products.

Even so, bamboo is considered to be an ingenious and beautiful material. Even with only a clear coating, bamboo provides a warm and radiant glow for your cabinet doors and even the entire cabinet hardware for your kitchen and bathroom.

  1. Do all bamboo cabinets come with a natural finish?

Not necessarily. Dark-stained bamboo cabinets are readily available in the market. It’s just that the natural finish tends to be much more common and popular for bamboo cabinets since it offers such an exquisiteappearance to the cabinet.

  1. Are the cabinets made entirely of bamboo?

No. The doors, the drawers and its panels are usually made of bamboo ply. The cabinet’s superstructure, instead, is made of plywood usually used for other kitchen cabinets.

  1. What sizes are available?

Perhaps because the demand for this product is not that high, available cabinet sizes are also limited. Mr. Bamboo, a leading supplier of bamboo cabinets, offers 9 base cabinets, 7 upper wall cabinets, 2 pantries, and a wall oven cabinet. The largest of the base cabinets has a measurement of about 36 inches in width, 34 ½ inches in height and 24 inches in depth. The largest wall cabinet, on the other hand has a measurement of 36” in width, 42” in height and 12” in depth.

  1. What styles are available?

A pantry cabinet often made of bamboo usually comes in slab-door and Shaker-style forms. A slab-door cabinet has no bevels or raised panels. Bevels are difficult to incorporate into the design since cutting the bamboo plywood would uncover the layers. The shaker-style cabinet possesses a low frame around the perimeter of the cabinet door.

  1. Where can I buy these cabinets?

Eco Cabinets: One of the few cabinet makers in the industry of bamboo products on this list, their website provides great picture They serve the Bay area in San Francisco. Online ordering, however, is not possible.

Kitchen Cabinet Discounts LLC: They offer bamboo cabinets although they don’t provide that many pictures in their website. No online ordering is possible.

RTA Kitchen Cabinets: Primarily sells ready-to-assemble (RTA) cabinets. They offer 8 different types of bamboo cabinets. Please read our profile of the RTA Cabinet store.

Mr. Bamboo: They advertise that they offer solid bamboo cabinets but their website doesn’t provide much information. Ordering’s difficult as well.

Green Tech Cabinetry: They have great pictures of their products. Online ordering is not available and they don’t provide a list of retailers.

Grasswood Cabinets: Provides excellent pictures of kitchens plus an interactive website. No direct ordering available.

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