Country Kitchens: That Old Style For New Age

Always thought of those luxurious-looking kitchens you see on TV but don’t want to leave the conventional feel? You don’t have to give up that traditional style just for the new pieces of kitchen equipment. Country kitchens have been making their name on the market because it leaves the feeling of comfort and hominess without skipping the contemporary benefits. Country kitchen ideas showcase a folksy feel with the natural shades that simply blend the past with the current trend.

With the architectural perspective of country kitchen designs, you will surely love every bit of piece, of country kitchen décor. From country kitchen cabinets to country kitchen lighting, all compensate each other that provides an aesthetically attractive area to work on and cook with.  You sure have the leeway to add a modern touch.

Country Kitchens Style: Which Fits your Home Best?

Since country kitchens exist for some time, different renditions exist to accommodate different tastes and perspectives. Most have the same feel, there sure are accentuations that differ one from the other. Let’s go and check out which one suits you best.

English:  Inspired from European times, this style shows more of a formal look with more neutral shades. The tones are not striking and it caters to somehow, modern embellishments.

French: This spacious style compliments a more cozy feeling rather than strict. The lines are sexy to create a cottage vibe and delightfully engaging. French country kitchens usually have great curtain prints.

Americana: This style imparts colorful accentuations on not just its country kitchen wall décor, but also all other items like the rug, canisters, and all other display accessories.

Reconstructing Your Country Kitchen

French Country KitchensCountry-style kitchen design has the vibrancy of the past. In choosing the style you want, you have to consider your willingness to continuously renovate and innovate your collection. But because it looks old school does that mean that it is undesirable.  The period you want to relive has to be transparently seen through the materials used, commonly, wood.

Material: Whichever style it is that you prefer, they can still be manipulated if you want to have at least some modern touches. You must however maintain the look, like hardwood flooring, oak, or cedar cabinetry. You must find lighter colors and not choose the darker color of wood like those of solid wood. Wicker is another option so you can see the natural grain of the wood on your furniture pieces.

Decor And Colors

Decoration:  It’s a no-brainer that antiques are in. You have the option to look for items in the antique shops or backyard sales to match your need. Choose functional items so you can reinvent and use them for other purposes too.

Color: Accentuate the room by mixing and matching but make sure there are at least similar shades they share. You may want to lighten up the color of the walls and the floors to make an in-depth look when combined with other displays. Consider painting the cabinets with the most suitable shade to create the home-y feel.

Patterns: This is very distinct amongst all country kitchens. Borders have to be striking. Common designs are stripes, flags, and animal patterns. To other styles, curves and swirls are most admired. These do not only apply to wall decors or curtains but also table napkins and placemats.

Lighting: Accentuating the workplace is done by the most important aspect of room decoration – lighting.  You should have big windows where you can keep natural light from transcending in.

Playing with Country Kitchens Style

Country KitchenYou have chosen a county kitchen design for your home because you wanted a simpler look for your kitchen and this means you love the cozy feel of old-style cooking. But this idea doesn’t limit you from creating a modernized approach to blend in with your preferred platform. If a contemporary look could blend in well, then perfect. Always think that your convenience should rule your aesthetic pleasure, and if buying a new high-end device is the solution, don’t be afraid to try and squeeze it in.

Fixtures: Your sink area is one of the most important parts of the kitchen and even if you love the natural cozy look, don’t hesitate to try and invest in water purifiers, sprayers, and garbaged disposal.

Appliances: Never worry that the latest environments won’t match your country-looking farm. You still need convenience and your ease of use rules more than just the overall look. Remember, functionalities are the priority for your renovation.

Surface Areas: country kitchens usually are made of wood, but don’t limit yourself to granite, marble, and other materials that may look great all together.

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