New Classic Kitchen For All Times

There are multiple kitchen remodeling ideas. But the most common concept created for renovation is the classic kitchen design portraying a triangle. And though this is the most conventional, this kitchen remodel idea applies greatly to almost all types of kitchens. Learning the importance of these classic kitchen remodels would be a great lesson to fonder.

classic kitchen triangleThe gist is to come up with a kitchen remodel that frees the cook from any movement hindrances on the space allotted. Meaning, the cook must be able to reach the three most important and commonly used parts of the kitchen. They are the fridge, the sink, and the stove. They must be reachable without any hassle. If you have great kitchen plans, then you have to know these.

The Points

  1. The Fridge: Your refrigerator is one of the important parts. You, however, might not have to spend the time going back and forth fetching ingredients to you may leave a little space or place it a little farther.
  2. The Stove or your Oven: Most homes have their ovens and stove combined, but if you happen to have two separate kitchen items then make sure you get to place them side by side or at least 2-3 feet from each other. If you do not use your oven then it can be a little bit away from the triangle.
  3. Sink: The most important part of the triangle is the sink. Oftentimes it is on the kitchen perimeter but some are on a kitchen island.

Space Partitioning in Classic Kitchen

The idea of triangulation is to give you the best possible way to generously move around the kitchen. This means the format itself is just a part of the solution as you also have to take spacing, into consideration. The ideal measurement of a kitchen triangle should not exceed 26 feet total for all three legs, where each one should be no less than 4 feet and not more than 9.

For additional information and inspiration, you may check kitchen photos and online kitchen designs.

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