Quick Guide for Choosing Bathroom Cabinets

This guide will help you with basic information on what you should and shouldn’t follow when it comes to bathroom cabinet ideas, plus installation know-what’s like cost and styles.

With so many options for bathroom cabinetry, you might find redoing them as a daunting task. But this should not keep it from being fun, so what you have to do is consider your resources and make sure you don’t get caught between customer bathroom cabinets versus contemporary, maple style and all that.

According to Meriam Reed the co-owner of DreamMaker Bath and Kitchen in Naples, ‘Cabinets affect the look and feel of the entire room’.  So with that, you simply have to start working with your own style.

Do the research on bathroom cabinetry

Lenia Pilkonis advises that the first step is to know your own space and by familiarizing yourself with the area, you will then get a better bathroom cabinet outcome you’d want. Visualize what you want to see so you can come up with eh best bath cabinets and designs. If you are someone who likes to soak in the tub then get a shelf where you can probably place a TV and linen towels to compliment it.

You can visit stores for more bathroom wall cabinets and bathroom storage cabinets’ inspirations. One other way is to go through magazines and flip stands.  You can check magazines for designs and suggestions. You can then choose from the best and narrow down to the very applicable option for your bathroom or kitchen size.

But the truth is, it is harder to design a bathroom than a kitchen according to Lenia, not only because the space is smaller but because everything you do has to touch either electricity or water and may cause drainage issues. With this in mind, you may want to ask help from an interior designer or specialist for your makeovers.

Don’t go beyond the budget

bath cabinetKitchen remodeling can be really expensive unlike bathroom makeovers. The cost for a new bathroom vanity cabinet could be around a few hundred to thousands so it is best you try to check for different options to avoid regretful purchases. Make sure to check all possible resources so you get to save with some deals and discounted products through special events.

You also have the option to install unfinished cabinet yourself as you can definitely save money but it sure is going to be some hard work for you. You can try to purchase them online but just like buying a car, if you can’t inspect it yourself, then you can’t be sure enough with the buy. So what Lenia suggested is to make sure you use the space and do not overbuy items that you do not need.

Choose your Style

You can always choose from so many concepts in remodeling your bathroom cabinets and vanities. Lenia classified designing into three categories.

The stand-alone vanity comes in first where it includes sink and the countertop. Second group includes other bathroom cabinetry items like the over-the-toilet units, hampers and linen storages. Lastly are the suites or your sets of cabinets which literally matches other fixtures and features.

Go play with your chic or pro side with your cabinets. Go traditional or modern looking, country or European; choose what you want as the possibilities are unlimited. Make sure you do not get distracted with what you see. Your goal is to store your things and never let that go out of your mind. Bath vanity cabinets nowadays are better as they keep innovating with more amenities that come with them such as cosmetic trays, built-in drawers, appliance garages, towels and more spaces that can be used to hang clothes and more.

Trend In

Features are not the only things to ponder about bathroom base cabinets and others but also the aesthetic pleasure it brings. Apart from the cabinets, lighting will also give an accent to the area as it helps with the illumination.

One of the things often neglected is the essence of resting according to Bob Giese, a human factor specialist from Kohler. He also said that we have been working too much that we often disregard the importance of resting and that during the times that we go on our home tub, we then have to give our full attention to resting. This is the time we leave our phones off and focus on the invigorating moment.

You can also match your bathroom vanity cabinets with the rest of the house. In this manner you will have all of them including living room and wet bar furniture looking alike according to Lenia. She also said it is best to make sure you plan ahead of time so you won’t have to worry about future transformations and the like.


Modern Kitchen Look with Bamboo Cabinets

One of the fastest growing plants are bamboos and today, bamboos are also making their speedy way in leading contemporary kitchen cabinets. Though bamboo kitchen cabinets have lesser percentage in comparison to other materials, still their authenticity and their durability has been a good trademark that makes them an ideal kitchen cabinets design. Honestly, common kitchen cabinet manufacturers do not offer much of these cabinets that’s why it might be a challenge to find bamboo kitchen cabinets online. Here are some of the manufacturers that offer modern kitchen cabinets including bamboo materials and a brief explanation on why this material has been making its name on the wood kitchen cabinets industry.

  1. What’s with Bamboo?

For over a decade, bamboo impressed millions which made them ideal for floorings. But does that mean they are good enough to match kitchen cabinet doors? Bamboo in fact is a type of grass meaning they are not involved in deforestation. They also have very beautiful design making simple clear coats sufficient enough to please viewers and end users aesthetically.

  1. Is Natural Finish innate with bamboos?

Yes, Bamboo has a natural look that needs no fancy polishing. This in fact makes them out-stand others as they only need clear coats to make them ready to rock. You can also find dark-stained bamboo finishes and are made to really make a difference.

  1. Are all items made solely from Bamboo?

Well, this depends. It varies depending on the item you are looking at. For kitchen cabinet doors, kitchen storage cabinets and panels, yes, they are made of bamboo ply, but the inner part like the boxes are made of plywood to support the possible weight of items to be placed. They are created to together so you get to have higher quality yet inexpensive kitchen cabinets.bamboo cabinets

  1. What are the available sizes?

Sizes are not as wide as the variety of other wholesale kitchen cabinets as the demand seems to be not that enormous. Mr. Bamboo is one of the leading suppliers and they offer about 7 upper wall cabinets, 9 base cabinets a wall oven cabinet and about two pantries to choose from. Specification for the largest base cabinet is 36″W x 34-1/2″H x 24″D while for the cabinet is 36″W x 42″H x 12″D.

  1. Are we just limited to specific Styles?

There are two basic styles that you can choose from when it comes to bamboo cabinets: slab-door and Shaker-style. Slab doors refer mainly to bamboo plywood meaning you may not place any bevel or raised panels on it. Shaker-style bamboo cabinets are a plow picture frame look for the Grasswood cabinets. Only them and some other few distributors offer the style but it does make a remarkable output and total finish.

  1. Where to Find Bamboo cabinets?

Like what was mentioned earlier, not at every store can will you find these styles and so we have listed the following distributors that may help you with your search.

  • Eco Cabinets are one of the leading as they almost about have every bamboo style on their list. Their website offers wonderful presentation inclusive of pictures and descriptions.
  • BambooCabinets.com caters to CA buyers alone and has not yet allowed online ordering services outside the perimeter.
  • RTA Kitchen Cabinets offers ready to assemble cabinets with the EcoCabinets. You can find the RTA Cabinet Store profile for more details and be sure to check the 8 styles and cabinet varieties.
  • Kithcen Cabinet Discounts LLC offers bamboo cabinets but does not have clear pictures and description on the site. Also, they do not allow online orders.
  • Mr.Bamboo provides one of the best selections for their customers together with their continuous production and improvement on designs. However, the site does not provide too many information about the products.
  • Grasswood Cabinets is a website that provides best information about items and displays but they do not yet allow orders directly from their site.
  • Green Tech Cabinetry does not offer online orders yet but provides wonderful list and display for their bamboo collections. Retailers list is not yet present on the website.

Saving through Used Display Kitchen Cabinets

Ever wondered where you could find the cheapest unused kitchen cabinets? It has been a struggle for myself in looking for the cheapest cabinets for sale that would still look good in my kitchen. I have found the answer to my struggling search through purchasing used display kitchen cabinets from shops. It would be a struggle looking for these kitchen cabinets on sale, but it sure is worth the effort.

The Best Choice for Thrifty Home Buddies

So you want to find something in between the unjustifiable expensive brand new cabinets and fully functioning beaten up used kitchen cabinets. You will then fall exactly in between with a used kitchen cabinet for sale. Not as expensive as a brand new, yet unused and still fully working. They are of course, not fresh from the warehouse, but not messed by someone else’s kitchen. They come dusty but more likely still looks good and has not been abused.  The good part of it is that these used cabinets for sale are good on the pocket. However, you might not have much freedom to choose the design that would fit your kitchen motifs, and in case you find one, then you are one lucky guy!

Why Are These Cabinets For Sale?

Most home stores or kitchen showroom has to present at least their best sellers to make sure they get to encourage more sales. They showcase the quality of their materials and the elegance of their collections. You may see around two to eight displays that are set up to look exactly like a kitchen.

What’s with the package?

Kitchen showrooms, of course have to make sure they don’t mess up with their cabinet sales, so they display the high-ends most of the time. Brands like Merillat, Quality, Kraftmaid, Stylecraft, Wellborn and more have been mostly on display. Different styles are available, from base cabinets with pullouts, to farmhouse-style white pantry. There are also glass door inserts and other more fixtures that are sold at only 25% of the original price.

Some are slashed off by half (from about $10,000) such as maple cabinets with soft-closes. These packages include the sink, copper faucet, lighting and quartz counters. You also get to have the chance to take home extra accessories such as breadboxes, spice and wine racks plus more. Anything you see on their display show off would probably come together.cabinet for sale

Kitchen Cabinets for Sale Drawbacks

I believe I have mentioned some earlier, but let us go through them again one by one. First, the mere fact that these are being sold means that the displays are no longer trending. If you care less about trends and this particular piece matches perfectly your motif then go.

Downsides of Buying Kitchen Cabinet Displays

The cabinet displays for sale can be dated. If a kitchen cabinet showroom is getting rid of a display due to changing trends, then by definition the display is stylistically outdated. If you don’t care about following trends, you can ignore this. Don’t forget that these are used cabinets, but only for display purposes. The hinges may not be perfect as customers open and shut them, we don’t know how many times. These kitchen cabinets sale are meant to impress, so at the least you should know that they clean these displays every now and then.

These displays are usually of the heaviest items and are mainly composed of expensive materials like granite countertops and all. Again, these cabinets on sale have to be impressive so they can invite more sales on their end.

Where to Find Kitchen Cabinets for Sale?

Most people would search online to conveniently look for items such as old cabinets for sale or cheap kitchen cabinets for sale. You can most definitely look at Craiglist.org or eBay to begin with. However, it is most important that you consider the condition and anything you purchase online will not ensure that the item is still in good working condition, not to mention the need to pay for shipping (that is, if the showroom even agrees with shipping). Most of the time, showroom prefers local delivery so they items can be easily loaded on the truck or picked up.

We suggest you personally walk into a store and check items for sale. In this manner, you may speak with a live person or a Showroom Manager to better get deals and discounts. Wouldn’t it be easier to bargain with someone face to face, not to mention establishing a good business relation in any case you may need their service in the future.


Kraftmaid Kitchen Cabinets – Finest Furnite of Today

For over 4 decades, the finest thing for kitchen you can fins are Kraftmaid Kitchen Cabinets. Kraftmaid has been the industry leader in this niche in the United States. Not to mention their care for customers is second to none.

What is so different about Kraftmaid Kitchen Cabinets from all other cabinetry makers? Well they will make you feel like you got what you came for. These cabinets are made perfectly, they are stylish, semi-custom made, and affordable for the quality you get.

Kraftmaid can make you feel like the cabinets you got was what you ordered. They are using new technologies and only the best materials to suit your needs. You can choose from different options for any part of the cabinets – doors, handles, final finish pattern.

Kraftmaid Kitchen Cabinets are Environmentally Aware

kraftmaid kitchen cabinetryNot too many people are aware of the fact that Kraftmaid Kitchen Cabinets are made taking care of the environment. Kraftmaid is a responsible company and take care of both customers and employees not being harmed by furniture during the manufacturing or its usage.

Kraftmaid cabinetry is manufactured from materials which are eco-friendly, but yet they manage to create stylish, quality furniture which you can see it here and as they make sure you are not harmed, they also take care that the environment is not affected in any way by their production process. As much as Kraftmaid will try to meet every wish you have, they will even more care for the environment and make sure your wishes do not oppose the benefit og nature. They are a true leader in a word of sustainable economy.

Kraftmaid Kitchen Cabinets – Custom Made Quality Built to Last

Kraftmaid is prepared to make custom Kraftmaid Kitchen Cabinets for each and every buyer. People are prepared to buy these cabinets becausekraftmaid kitchen cabinet they are proven quality an will last for a lifetime. Some people even order them before they are selling a house, which speaks for itself. They are aware that a perfect kitchen can make their home achieve a much better price.

Not single cabinet will they allow compromise on. All Kraftmaid kitchen cabinets will be made from the best possible wood, will be durable, stylish, have soft edges. Every peace of furniture is examined by hand by quality assurance workers. This will guarantee you a peace of mind fr many years to come.

Design of these cabinets is also very important. All are made at least 3/4” thick. They are also made in a way to provide as much storage room and can be adjusted with as many shelves as you like.

We already mentioned people buy Kraftmaid kitchen cabinets in order to get more money when selling house. Its true, every buyer will be happy to have such a kitchen and will be happy to pay more. So this cabinets are not only stylish and beautiful, but are also considered to be a good investment.