Bathroom Vanities and the Know-what’s

Your bathroom centerpiece is called the bathroom vanity. Most people do not actually know why it became the centerpiece and why it is so important, well, we’ll let you know why. I

Defining Bathroom Vanity

The centerpiece of every bathroom is its bathroom vanity or commonly known as the sink or basin. It is more than a sink as it holds necessary items for storage and display. Its bench top comes in different forms, looks, styles and finishes. Some of the common materials used are cement, wood, stones and laminates. They mostly come in moisture resistant or waterproof to lessen wet areas in the bathroom are allowing items to be distanced from water and possibly aesthetically cleaner. It is equally important to choose a credible service like phs – to maintain these elements.

Bath Vanity Options

Since every bathroom treats them as the center of attraction, bath vanities come in various sizes, shapes and looks to suit common and elegant styles on every home. They come in French designs, traditional designs, modern, country style, art deco, minimalist and other more designs you can wonder about. They form just about all looks on vanities for bathrooms like narrow sizes or small bathroom vanity and those that span over the whole bathroom wall, enough to hold the sink. The size is dependent on the perimeter your bathroom holds and small bathroom vanities are common since not wveryone creates really big bathrooms. Newer creations for bathroom vanities and sinks are with gentle curves and usually have open shelving. They integrate the sinks and commonly, modern bathroom vanities now cater double vanities so two individuals can use the set at the same time.

Picking the Best Bathroom Vanity

Interiors - Licensed to Showcase Kitchen and Bath use onlyOne of the most important things to consider in choosing modern bathroom vanity is the size. You have to make sure that you get custom bathroom vanities that fit your bathroom and not goes too small or too big. Your bathroom vanities and cabinets will make up most of the space so you have to make sure you don’t overcrowd the space with all of them. You have to choose from either double bathroom vanities or any corner bathroom vanity that will ensure space for items like hairdryers, toiletries, cleaning products and hair strengtheners.  You also want to make sure you get bathroom vanity cabinets that enable you to have partitions for items to easily segregate them. You also want to make sure you get to hang your towels so make sure you have a decent spot to keep them dry. Again, it is your option to keep both a single or double bathroom sinks and vanities so long as it first perfectly on your bathroom.

Make sure you get the look you want to avoid regrets and lengthen the time span for upgrades. In this manner, you get to save money while you enjoy and like the ones already purchased. You have to make sure you get the perfect material depending on your choice and idea on maintenance. You can try solid timber bench tops for one classical and sexy look, but be prepared for regular maintenance or else, it will look grungy and will soon be damaged.


Quick Guide for Choosing Bathroom Cabinets

This guide will help you with basic information on what you should and shouldn’t follow when it comes to bathroom cabinet ideas, plus installation know-what’s like cost and styles.

With so many options for bathroom cabinetry, you might find redoing them as a daunting task. But this should not keep it from being fun, so what you have to do is consider your resources and make sure you don’t get caught between customer bathroom cabinets versus contemporary, maple style and all that.

According to Meriam Reed the co-owner of DreamMaker Bath and Kitchen in Naples, ‘Cabinets affect the look and feel of the entire room’.  So with that, you simply have to start working with your own style.

Do the research on bathroom cabinetry

Lenia Pilkonis advises that the first step is to know your own space and by familiarizing yourself with the area, you will then get a better bathroom cabinet outcome you’d want. Visualize what you want to see so you can come up with eh best bath cabinets and designs. If you are someone who likes to soak in the tub then get a shelf where you can probably place a TV and linen towels to compliment it.

You can visit stores for more bathroom wall cabinets and bathroom storage cabinets’ inspirations. One other way is to go through magazines and flip stands.  You can check magazines for designs and suggestions. You can then choose from the best and narrow down to the very applicable option for your bathroom or kitchen size.

But the truth is, it is harder to design a bathroom than a kitchen according to Lenia, not only because the space is smaller but because everything you do has to touch either electricity or water and may cause drainage issues. With this in mind, you may want to ask help from an interior designer or specialist for your makeovers.

Don’t go beyond the budget

bath cabinetKitchen remodeling can be really expensive unlike bathroom makeovers. The cost for a new bathroom vanity cabinet could be around a few hundred to thousands so it is best you try to check for different options to avoid regretful purchases. Make sure to check all possible resources so you get to save with some deals and discounted products through special events.

You also have the option to install unfinished cabinet yourself as you can definitely save money but it sure is going to be some hard work for you. You can try to purchase them online but just like buying a car, if you can’t inspect it yourself, then you can’t be sure enough with the buy. So what Lenia suggested is to make sure you use the space and do not overbuy items that you do not need.

Choose your Style

You can always choose from so many concepts in remodeling your bathroom cabinets and vanities. Lenia classified designing into three categories.

The stand-alone vanity comes in first where it includes sink and the countertop. Second group includes other bathroom cabinetry items like the over-the-toilet units, hampers and linen storages. Lastly are the suites or your sets of cabinets which literally matches other fixtures and features.

Go play with your chic or pro side with your cabinets. Go traditional or modern looking, country or European; choose what you want as the possibilities are unlimited. Make sure you do not get distracted with what you see. Your goal is to store your things and never let that go out of your mind. Bath vanity cabinets nowadays are better as they keep innovating with more amenities that come with them such as cosmetic trays, built-in drawers, appliance garages, towels and more spaces that can be used to hang clothes and more.

Trend In

Features are not the only things to ponder about bathroom base cabinets and others but also the aesthetic pleasure it brings. Apart from the cabinets, lighting will also give an accent to the area as it helps with the illumination.

One of the things often neglected is the essence of resting according to Bob Giese, a human factor specialist from Kohler. He also said that we have been working too much that we often disregard the importance of resting and that during the times that we go on our home tub, we then have to give our full attention to resting. This is the time we leave our phones off and focus on the invigorating moment.

You can also match your bathroom vanity cabinets with the rest of the house. In this manner you will have all of them including living room and wet bar furniture looking alike according to Lenia. She also said it is best to make sure you plan ahead of time so you won’t have to worry about future transformations and the like.


Kraftmaid Cabinets: Tips On How To Choose One

If you are planning to buy some KraftMaid cabinets, you must be sure that you know what you are choosing. Those cabinets are not only of high quality, but they cost more than the average cabinet that you might see in department stores. So to make sure that you are buying wisely, here are some tips from me.

Three Types Of Kraftmaid Cabinets

Remember that you must put in mind the function, design, and additional features of a cabinet when buying one. The best way to ensure that you are getting the most suitable cabinet for your house, you must know about its three types; Stock/Production, Semi-Custom, and Full-Custom.

Full Custom Built Cabinets

The quality of this type of cabinet varies. Since it is custom built, the designs do not have any limitation. However, many cabinetmakers that build this kind of cabinet do not usually have the necessary tools and equipment. Because of that, they cannot apply any advanced techniques for the accessories and finishes of the cabinets they produce.

Due to that circumstance, the best option you have is to get a cabinet like that from KraftMaid. Though, it is a fact that this kind of cabinet is the most expensive. Also, if you want to receive a full custom built cabinet from KraftMaid, you will need to wait for six to ten weeks before you get one.

Semi-Custom Built Cabinets

Compared to the full custom built cabinets, this type are faster and less expensive to make. It is possible that you will get a cabinet like this within four to six weeks.

If you get a semi-custom built cabinets from KraftMaid, you can choose from 200 storage solutions, 100 styles of doors, and 65 different finishes. The combinations of those options are virtually unlimited. Because of that, getting a semi-custom built cabinet is a better decision than wasting time and money with full custom built ones.

Production Or Stock Cabinets

Kraftmaid OutletIf you are in a hurry, it is greatly advisable to buy a stock cabinet instead. In addition, this is the least expensive choice when buying a cabinet. However, cabinets under this category greatly suffer from its design limitation.

Nevertheless, it is better to browse for stock cabinets first before deciding on getting a full custom or semi-custom one. And it is a good thing that KraftMaid’s stock cabinets are good on its own. Most of their production cabinets are designed to be suitable in different house styles.

Additional Tips When Choosing the KraftMaid Cabinets You Will Buy

Kraftmaid OutletThere are some other aspects you can consider when buying a cabinet. One of them is the wood material used in creating the cabinet. You must know if the type, color, and grain of the wood of the cabinet you will buy will be aesthetically compatible with your house’s design.

Moreover, you must also consider the finishing technique that was used on the cabinet you will choose. KraftMaid offers a variety of finishing styles. A few of them are burnished, highlighted, painted, painted with glaze, stained, and stained with glaze.

The things I have mentioned here are a few that you should consider when buying a cabinet. Make sure that you meticulously inspect every cabinet you will see, and I assure you that the KraftMaid cabinets you will choose will be worth your money.