Design Your Own Kitchen with Different Kitchen Cabinet Styles

Having your kitchen cabinets renovated is a sure thing that you want to do, and having the desire to make it look more modern and fit to today’s styles is another. However, with so many kinds of kitchen cabinet styles, you must not be confused as to which and what to get, for surely, you will get the best kind that will not only suit your kitchen, but also your budget.

Basically, there are two types of kitchen cabinets styles, the modern kitchen cabinets and the traditional ones. Most people choose to update their kitchen cabinets to modern ones, as it would not just complement their daily lifestyle, but it would also make them the proud owner of the said kitchen.

Over the years, more and more companies have been producing cabinets that vary in design and structure. Some of the said companies are ikea kitchen cabinets and Thomasville kitchen cabinets. Cabinetry companies have also been researching as to what kinds of cabinets most customers are attracted to, which gave rise to another set of cabinet styles like shaker style kitchen cabinets, RTA (ready-to-assemble) kitchen cabinets, white kitchen cabinets, custom kitchen cabinets, cherry kitchen cabinets, oak kitchen cabinets, maple kitchen cabinets, and DIY (do-it-yourself) kitchen cabinets.

In addition, some customers prefer to buy certain cabinets that they seem fit to their kitchen, and then if, or some reason, they find that their cabinets and kitchen style do not really complement each other, then they would adjust the said kitchen style either by painting, or by using some wall  covers.

Some kitchen cabinet styles are given below for you to have an overview of what styles are available. These styles are not limited to those found in this article, and you can even experiment on your own to have something to be added in this list.

Antique Kitchens

Perhaps this is one of the most-known kitchen cabinets styles, with its design resembling those of the previous years and are obviously traditional. Although only few original ones are still up, there have been ways in order to renovate them and to further to preserve them. Antique cabinets brings back the memories of past moments in history, and it somewhat gives the sense of being able to experience the sweet and peaceful kind of life older people witnessed.

 Arts and Crafts Kitchens

As the name implies, arts and crafts kitchen have cabinets that are made and designed to showcase fine craftsmanship, and to redefine simplicity and perfect quality. This movement began in England to take over the mainstream designs of cabinets. These cabinets are characterized by straight lines making them to have similar features as that of shaker kitchen cabinets.

Asian Kitchen Design

Not only the western countries were famous for their cabinet craftsmanship, for Asian countries like China and Japan were in no way inferior. In fact, Asian styles greatly influenced western countries that their structures are greatly similar, like that of the lines, curves, and proportions that can easily match any kitchen cabinet styles of western countries. Asian kitchen design brings a sense of contemporary features for a home, and it comes with satisfying elegance produced by using exotic woods that vary in color and properties.

Contemporary Kitchen Cabinets

Contemporary kitchen cabinets, as what the name suggest, are cabinets that are considered ‘in’ in the present time. Although it is a different kind of cabinets, it may have similarities with other cabinets such as the traditional ones where it originated. This type of kitchen cabinet style usually have simpler look, having less ornamentation, and can also be installed in smaller kitchen since they come in many sizes.

Cottage Kitchens

Cottage-style kitchens are more of comfort than sophisticated designs, depicting simplicity the way it should be since cottages need not be as complete as the kitchen that you have in your house. This type deals with less designs and focuses more on bringing relaxation and contentment like the cottages beside beaches and recreational grounds.

Country Kitchen Design

This kitchen style is one of the most inviting and comforting kitchens as this depicts the life in the countryside. The furniture used here use natural materials making the overall design fell very relaxing. Like the farmhouses, this kitchen style stays simple and make use of all available materials, adding the feeling of contentment.

Craftsman Kitchens

This type of kitchens flourished together with the arts and crafts kitchens at the end of the nineteenth century in England, and was also an extension of the former style in the United States. This kind of kitchen cabinet style is more on simple line construction and less ornamentation unlike other cabinets, and deals with the construction over the intricate designs, producing more durable and beautiful designs. Craftsman kitchens have been being one of the top kitchen styles again, retaking its place from the time it was first conceptualized.

Early American Kitchens

As what the name implies, this type of kitchen was one of the most dominant form of kitchens in the 17th and 18th century. Obviously, this type belong to the traditional kind of kitchen cabinet styles, dealing with less ornamentation and focuses more on the simplicity and usefulness of furniture.

European Kitchen Cabinets

This type of kitchen style differs from their American counterparts as European cabinets do not have frames by which the American style is greatly known. In addition, European kitchen cabinets belong to the contemporary ones, and these cabinets bring more spaces allowable for storage and provide easier access with having no frames.

French Country Kitchen

<iframe width="560" height="315" src="https://www.youtube.com/embed/WY1gF-bcddo" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>This style displays the scenic beauty of France, where it developed over the years. Some may classify it to the traditional kitchens with its more on antique and earth-colored wood used for cabinets, and this just adds additional glamour on one of the most-known type of country cabinets.

Gourmet Kitchen Design

This kitchen type is more on professional cooking space. High-end appliances, easy to clean surfaces, more rooms for food storage and a comfortable place for food preparation for those who love to cook.

Italian Kitchen Design

Italy is famous for is delicacies and very comforting homes, and if you manage to add the right kind of cabinets, then you already have the Italian kind of kitchen. Though most vibrant colors tend to add more life to the atmosphere, drops of natural colors such as antique-looking cabinets just seem to add more beauty to the overall kitchen design.

Log Home Kitchens

This type of kitchen style utilizes logs and other wood parts as a great part of the overall kitchen design. However, since logs do not always complete the overall design, other materials such as metal blends with these logs in order to achieve a stronger kitchen.

Luxury Kitchen Design

Luxurious kitchen deals with the use of the most intricate yet durable and useful appliances and furniture to bring the most comfort out of a kitchen. Since it deals with elegance, luxury kitchen cabinets are more costly than others.

Mexican Kitchen Design

This type of kitchen style reflects the bold and warm that is Mexico. The cabinets here make use of hot colors in order to complement with the rest of the kitchen design.

Mission Style Kitchens

This type of kitchen cabinets flourished in line with the Arts and Crafts movement. Mission style kitchen cabinets focus more on simplicity with its simple lines and little to no ornamentation.

Modern Kitchen Cabinet Styles

Modern cabinets focuses more on the usefulness of the furniture, having less ornamentation. Materials used here are usually the same as with other cabinets, but more and more cabinet produces are switching to the use of synthetic materials.

Old World Kitchen Designs

Clearly under the type of traditional cabinets, old world kitchens are heavy and dark, though the use of other complementing light colors brings balance. Cabinets here have intricate carvings and are usually hand made.

Retro Kitchen Designs

This style is marked by the effort of bringing the old features of kitchens, with cabinets that have elaborate and distinct details. Although most part is traditional, the use of modern appliance and modern kitchen design techniques, it has more of contemporary look.

Rustic Kitchen Design

Falling under traditional type, rustic kitchen cabinets are made large to hold more storage and if you see the house in Barrie, you will be able to see these types of kitchen cabinets, this type of kitchen cabinet style is more on the usefulness than the intricate designs, and it showcases warm colors bringing a feeling of comfort like country cabinets.

Shaker Kitchen Cabinets

This type of cabinet developed before the Arts and Crafts and the Craftsman cabinet styles, and the similarities among the designs and structures are very noticeable. Shaker kitchen cabinets have little ornamentation and focuses more on the functionality of the furniture.

Traditional Kitchen Design

This type of kitchen cabinet style can be regarded as one of the major classification of cabinet types in line with the Modern and Contemporary kitchen cabinets. Traditional kitchens focus on fine construction and good qualities of natural wood used.

Transitional Kitchens

A good example of transition between traditional and contemporary, this type of kitchen cabinet style is a mix of the two, but it does not fall under modern category. This produces a style that is not new, but not old either.

Tuscan Kitchen Design

This another type of kitchen reflect the beauty and warm that is Tuscany. Kitchen styles that falls under this have warmer and comfortable overall design, with warm colors such as terracotta and other shades of red.

Unique Kitchen Design

What makes this type unique is because it follows the unique tastes of owners who choose this design. Customers can choose over a wide range of designs then make is customized to further fit his desired look.

Victorian Kitchens

Victorian period saw the rise of so many revolutionary ideas, and this included another style that was dominant during the era. This type of cabinet deals with elegant designs and fine construction, usually gothic in style.

Vintage Kitchens

Vintage cabinets take its form as a reconstruction of furniture produced from an earlier period in time. Some cabinets can be customized to further rebuild it to its grandeur, and some are just having parts repaired or improved.


Weighing your built in kitchen cabinetry and cupboard ideas

Built in cabinets and cupboards are important parts of every kitchen areas. There are factors why we need to consider them. First, you have to ensure that you get to have ample storage for your kitchen items – and cupboards or pre built cabinets can do that. Second, these kitchen cabinets provide beautiful design and accent to your kitchen. Pantry cabinet and wall cabinets provide great significance in maintaining the style you’ve set your kitchen on. Today, we’ll know more about the trend of kitchen cabinetry like built in bar cabinets and built in wall cabinets.

Formal Built in Cabinets

Yes, you read it right. The trend is now setting foot on making every kitchen with the executive feel. This means material are becoming more favorable to darker colors which is considered to be more formal looking than any fancy pastels.

Open-Planned Kitchens

 built in cabinetsThe formality of built in cabinet ideas made them an ideal epitome of an open-planned kitchen. In fact, it goes the other way around too. Kitchen has now been reinvented to be combined with other more rooms in the house like the dining or family room as this gives the family members more spacious areas to enjoy. This is the reason why free standing kitchen cabinets made swept the market like a hurricane.

Overflowing Variations and Contrast on Kitchen Cabinetry

Instead of the regular, today, custom built in cabinets are made to adjust on the latest styles, colors and finishes.  The different looks give a unique identification for every kitchen. It also shows the creativity of the owner, not to mention the strong contrasting color design to match the variation.

Kitchen Cabinets, the Natural Style

To create a new set of variation, another style that gives a unique identity is the rise of natural looking kitchen. Country style offers this kind of look but others also play around redesigning their kitchen cabinetry. The good part of maintaining natural looking built in cabinet is that, you no longer need to paint or stain the wood. All you need to do is make it look as normal and authentic as possible, meaning a clear coat could do job.

What’s with Stacked Cabinets?

Remember how we want to make use of every area to save space for movement? Stacked cabinets are a popular choice for maximizing spaces. These small cabinets are laid vertically to safely store items and stocks.

Popular Kitchen Cabinetry Styles

Custom cabinets have been chosen by most home decision makers. The reason is that you get to choose the material and look you want according to your preference. But what style are you actually following? There are numerous styles emerging in the market but the common but still followed is the traditional style. This style involved material like oak. Styles vary and countries are the best inspiration used such as Southwestern, Modern and Victorian. Southwestern uses warm orange and desert-tan colors while Victorian uses darker tones and woods for their designs. Modern of course is comprised of more edgy and contrasting colors.

Some Favorite Styles of Kitchen Cabinetry

Traditional is often still considered the most popular style of kitchen cabinetry but there are also a number of other popular styles such as country, southwestern, Victorian, and Modern. The traditional kitchen cabinets are generally in oak with dark tones. The country look is more rustic with weathered earth tones. Southwestern is characterized by desert-tan and warm orange colors with a touch of blue or green. Kitchen cabinets in the Victorian kitchen are in dark woods and the modern kitchen changes.

Kitchen Cabinets go Furniture-Styled

We have discussed the rise of open-planned kitchen. This concept affects the style of our kitchen cabinetry as you have to always make sure they compliment the rest of the pieces of furniture from other rooms. This means your custom built cabinets has to have legs or moldings to better match the rest.

Cabinets as an Art Expression

built in cabinetYour choice of cabinets can now be considered as another art form of expression. If you incorporate your kitchen area to other rooms then it is best advised to make sure that you have everything complimentary. The rise of glass cabinet doors can be a very good option as it matches almost about anything. This also enables you to display items that are rare and precious for other too see. You get to display and keep them safe as altogether.

Just remember that when you are choosing your cabinet set, that functionality should never be disregarded. You can always choose from hundreds or even thousands of designs but the decorative aspect has to always be the secondary factor to consider. Now in case you have chosen the best style to suit you and your family’s need, then it’s time for you to mix and match and use that creative mind to set what you want to see on the comfort of your own home.


Kraftmaid Kitchen Cabinets – Finest Furnite of Today

For over 4 decades, the finest thing for kitchen you can fins are Kraftmaid Kitchen Cabinets. Kraftmaid has been the industry leader in this niche in the United States. Not to mention their care for customers is second to none.

What is so different about Kraftmaid Kitchen Cabinets from all other cabinetry makers? Well they will make you feel like you got what you came for. These cabinets are made perfectly, they are stylish, semi-custom made, and affordable for the quality you get.

Kraftmaid can make you feel like the cabinets you got was what you ordered. They are using new technologies and only the best materials to suit your needs. You can choose from different options for any part of the cabinets – doors, handles, final finish pattern.

Kraftmaid Kitchen Cabinets are Environmentally Aware

kraftmaid kitchen cabinetryNot too many people are aware of the fact that Kraftmaid Kitchen Cabinets are made taking care of the environment. Kraftmaid is a responsible company and take care of both customers and employees not being harmed by furniture during the manufacturing or its usage.

Kraftmaid cabinetry is manufactured from materials which are eco-friendly, but yet they manage to create stylish, quality furniture which you can see it here and as they make sure you are not harmed, they also take care that the environment is not affected in any way by their production process. As much as Kraftmaid will try to meet every wish you have, they will even more care for the environment and make sure your wishes do not oppose the benefit og nature. They are a true leader in a word of sustainable economy.

Kraftmaid Kitchen Cabinets – Custom Made Quality Built to Last

Kraftmaid is prepared to make custom Kraftmaid Kitchen Cabinets for each and every buyer. People are prepared to buy these cabinets becausekraftmaid kitchen cabinet they are proven quality an will last for a lifetime. Some people even order them before they are selling a house, which speaks for itself. They are aware that a perfect kitchen can make their home achieve a much better price.

Not single cabinet will they allow compromise on. All Kraftmaid kitchen cabinets will be made from the best possible wood, will be durable, stylish, have soft edges. Every peace of furniture is examined by hand by quality assurance workers. This will guarantee you a peace of mind fr many years to come.

Design of these cabinets is also very important. All are made at least 3/4” thick. They are also made in a way to provide as much storage room and can be adjusted with as many shelves as you like.

We already mentioned people buy Kraftmaid kitchen cabinets in order to get more money when selling house. Its true, every buyer will be happy to have such a kitchen and will be happy to pay more. So this cabinets are not only stylish and beautiful, but are also considered to be a good investment.


Kraftmaid Cabinets: Tips On How To Choose One

If you are planning to buy some KraftMaid cabinets, you must be sure that you know what you are choosing. Those cabinets are not only of high quality, but they cost more than the average cabinet that you might see in department stores. So to make sure that you are buying wisely, here are some tips from me.

Three Types Of Kraftmaid Cabinets

Remember that you must put in mind the function, design, and additional features of a cabinet when buying one. The best way to ensure that you are getting the most suitable cabinet for your house, you must know about its three types; Stock/Production, Semi-Custom, and Full-Custom.

Full Custom Built Cabinets

The quality of this type of cabinet varies. Since it is custom built, the designs do not have any limitation. However, many cabinetmakers that build this kind of cabinet do not usually have the necessary tools and equipment. Because of that, they cannot apply any advanced techniques for the accessories and finishes of the cabinets they produce.

Due to that circumstance, the best option you have is to get a cabinet like that from KraftMaid. Though, it is a fact that this kind of cabinet is the most expensive. Also, if you want to receive a full custom built cabinet from KraftMaid, you will need to wait for six to ten weeks before you get one.

Semi-Custom Built Cabinets

Compared to the full custom built cabinets, this type are faster and less expensive to make. It is possible that you will get a cabinet like this within four to six weeks.

If you get a semi-custom built cabinets from KraftMaid, you can choose from 200 storage solutions, 100 styles of doors, and 65 different finishes. The combinations of those options are virtually unlimited. Because of that, getting a semi-custom built cabinet is a better decision than wasting time and money with full custom built ones.

Production Or Stock Cabinets

Kraftmaid OutletIf you are in a hurry, it is greatly advisable to buy a stock cabinet instead. In addition, this is the least expensive choice when buying a cabinet. However, cabinets under this category greatly suffer from its design limitation.

Nevertheless, it is better to browse for stock cabinets first before deciding on getting a full custom or semi-custom one. And it is a good thing that KraftMaid’s stock cabinets are good on its own. Most of their production cabinets are designed to be suitable in different house styles.

Additional Tips When Choosing the KraftMaid Cabinets You Will Buy

Kraftmaid OutletThere are some other aspects you can consider when buying a cabinet. One of them is the wood material used in creating the cabinet. You must know if the type, color, and grain of the wood of the cabinet you will buy will be aesthetically compatible with your house’s design.

Moreover, you must also consider the finishing technique that was used on the cabinet you will choose. KraftMaid offers a variety of finishing styles. A few of them are burnished, highlighted, painted, painted with glaze, stained, and stained with glaze.

The things I have mentioned here are a few that you should consider when buying a cabinet. Make sure that you meticulously inspect every cabinet you will see, and I assure you that the KraftMaid cabinets you will choose will be worth your money.